// IBAG Test Benches

IBAG Motor Spindles for Test Applications

New technologies require drives and spindles with higher power and speeds. To be able to introduce them successfully, adequate testing is necessary, on the one hand to optimize the product during development, and on the other hand during industrial manufacturing to insure high quality requirements. IBAG offers solutions now with their long-term experience in production of high speed spindles with high power. Along with the spindles, IBAG can also offer complete solutions for testing corresponding products.

// IBAG STAR Collection

IBAG STAR Collection

With the STAR Collection IBAG offers a full range of Small Motor Spindles for STAR CNC Lathes.

// IBAG Angle Heads

IBAG Angle Head Pick-Up

More and more extensive applications make it necessary to improve combined ways of production.

// IBAG Echo Sound

IBAG Motor Spindle with structure-borne sound

The IBAG Motor Spindle with integrated Echo Sound controls grinding processes.

// IBAG Big Thing

Biggest Motor Spindle from IBAG: Ø 475 with drilling sleeve

The biggest motor spindle IBAG built is the HF 475 A 4 with a housing diametre of 475mm and a length of 1.80m.

// IBAG Multi Control

IBAG Multi Spindle Control for up to 16 Motor Spindles simultaneous

With the IBAG MultiSpindleControl solution for HT16 to HT30 you can control up to 16 units simultaneously.