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Click on the desired spindle element and select your choice in the box below. Click on "CONFIGURE SPINDLE BODY" to configure elements in the next step.

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Spindle Clamping

IBAG motor spindles can be clamped directly on the cylindrical housing (hardened and grinded).

Alternatively you have the possibility to clamp the motor spindle in axial way via a flange (Option "F").

Bearing Lubrication

Depending on maximum speed and spindle size the bearing lubrication can be either oil-air lubricated (Option "C") or grease-packed lubricated (Option "P").

At oil-air lubricated motor spindles a minimal quantity lubrication is directly injected to the bearings. This increases speed and lifetime. For option "C" you need additional peripherals as a high pressure oil pump, a mixing block and bearing oil to run the motor spindle.

Grease-packed bearings reduces maximum speed and lifetime of a bearing. For option "P" you don't need further peripherals.

Tooling Cooling

Selected IBAG motor spindles are equipped with external tooling cooling nozzles (TCW).

Most of IBAG motor spindles can also be equipped with an Internal Tooling Cooling through the shaft (Option "W").
You have the choice of single or two channel systems either for mql or with 50, 80, 150 or 200bar high pressure.

Tooling Interface

Depending on the design and size of an IBAG motor spindle you have a various choice of tooling interfaces available.

IBAGs focus is always on the interface type in relation to bearing size and stiffness of a motor spindle design.

Anti Static Brush

For works on electrostatic charged work pieces (e.g. plastic materials) IBAG offers an integrated anti static brush (Option "G") for potential equalisation.

Vibration Sensor

An either internal or external vibration sensor (Option "Mn") for an IBAG motor spindle enables a process monitoring and offers the possibility to identify bearing waste in advance.

Option "Mn" will be delivered including evaluation electronics EIV.

Configure Spindle Body

Click on the desired spindle element and select your choice in the box below. Click on "CONFIGURE SPINDLE TAIL" to configure elements in the next step.

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Housing Design

IBAG offers different housing designs.

Maximum Speed

Tell us your required maximum speed.


Tell us the expected power in S1 run.

S1 describes the power, you can run the motor spindle in 100% duty cycle.


Tell us the expected torque in S1 run.

S1 describes the torque, you can run the motor spindle in 100% duty cycle.

Spindle Cooling

IBAG offers different concepts of spindle cooling. Up to 1.3 kW and
60'000 min-1 without cooling, with integrated housing cooling and additional shaft sooling.

Housing Diametre

Tell us the maximum housing diametre for your motor spindle.

Spindle Length

Tell us the maximum fitting length for your motor spindle.

Configure Spindle Tail

Click on the desired spindle element and select your choice in the box below. Click on "OVERVIEW YOUR CONFIGURATION" to see your selection.

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The integrated impulse transmitter (Option "V") enables vector control on IBAG motor spindles.

The encoder makes it possible to reach full torque even with low speed (e.g. for drilling).

Option "V" also enables orientated spindle stop for e.g. rigid tapping without floating tap holder.

A simplified speed sensor is available alternatively.

Unclamp Unit for ATC

Depending on spindle design and size of tooling interface IBAG motor spindles with ATC can either be equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic tool change.

Tool Clamp/Unclamp Monitoring

You have different possibilities to check out the tool change position of a tool holder at IBAG motor spindles with ATC.

Process Monitoring

In addition to the standard equipment IBAG offers various options for process monitoring for motor spindles.

Starting with a simple bearing temperature sensor up to an automatic shaft displacement compensation during process.

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Double-check your entered values​​ and send your SPINDIVIDUAL® configuration to IBAG.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an overview of all your selection ​​and we will send you an IBAG motor spindle evaluation of your SPINDIVIDUAL®!

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